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Production Equipment
Heat Treatment Furnace

Heat Treatment Furnace provides gas annealing furnace and inclinable electric resistance furnace with high voltage pulse-burning technology to meet heating, normalizing, tempering, quenching, solid solution, annealing and any other heat treatment. Circulating heat flow inside the furnace and convetive heat transfer by advanced Combustion Control System can improve uniformity of furnace temperature, efficiency of heat transfer and heating quality. The furnace uses PID zero-position triggering SCR and high-precision intelligent instrument to control the temperature of furnace. Using multipoint automatic recorder and over-temperature production to make sure the balance of heating, the furnace temperature can also be set manually. All of these make sure of excellent mechanical properties and usability.

Molding process and molding sand line treatment

Molding process of modified sodium silicate and molding sand line treatment provide shake-out, sand breaker, baking regeneration, micron separation, temperature control, automatic conveying, dust removal and all fully automatic control. Process is advanced, reliable, rational, uninterrupted and concise; this system is also ensuring safty production and clean environment, improve quality of casting, decrease gas porosity and cracks, increase automatic productivity, satisfy both the environmental protection and process requirements. This system can handle 15 Ton/HR molding sand capacity, sand reusability can be 85%, it is deemed as green environmental protection process.